KK Nails: Sally Hansen Nail Prisms Haul!!

Hello, Everyone! Sorry, I haven't been posting :( I was swatching one of these polishes, and there wasn't any sun to take pictures with, so when the sun comes back, I will definitely blog again. :D

Today I got my FIRST holographic polishes, YIPPEE!! These polishes are...

.....Sally Hansen Nail Prisms! These came in a five pack, so i couldn't choose which polishes I wanted. This was also the only pack available in the store. I received Ruby Diamond, Diamond, Mandarin Garnet, and South Sea Pearl. And look at what they did!
They put two of the same exact polishes in the five pack!!! They are just different, because they are different shaped bottles... :(  This polish is called South Sea Pearl.
So, I will have a swatch-a-thon this week, because of these polishes, so if you are interested in holos. Come back tomorrow!

P.S. Since, I got two bottles of South Sea Pearl, Im interested in swapping this polish, for a different polish! Contact me at kirshtengarcia@gmail.com, if you're interested in swapping. U.S. Residents only, sorry, international followers!! :(


  1. That's crazy that they put the same polishes in the package. Maybe they thought regular people who aren't polish fanatics wouldn't notice! lol.

  2. @Sarah They are crazy, aren't they? LOL

    @TraceFace Yes, I did get them at Ross, I wish they had more though :(

  3. I heard they have been spotted there! I checked a Ross here and they didn't have any. I will keep checking!

  4. Just so you know the 2 bottle of south sea pearl are different, weird I know. If you layer them both over black you'll realy see the difference.

  5. @BubblyFairy I did layer them over black and I definitely saw the difference, thanks for letting me know~

  6. Funny story: I just found a 10 year old bottle of South Sea Pearl! Still looks brilliant!


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