Rhinestone Christmas Tree Tutorial!

The next design that had the most votes was....
Rhinestone Christmas Tree! To vote which holiday tutorial I should do next click here.

I think this is a very festive and bling-y design for Christmas! I'm sure many people would notice your nails, if you do this nail art!

All you'll need is a green base color, Red, silver, and green rhinestones, clear polish, and a silver striper.

First, paint your nail with a basecoat, then paint a green color, I'm using Dr.'s Remedy Essential Emerald.

Then use your silver striper and create curves around the nail, make sure they're not too close together, because you'll need room for the rhinestones.

Now add rhinestones in the spaces between the lines, to stick the rhinestones on the nail I used a clear polish and a pencil to pick up the rhinestones.

Finish, with topcoat and you're done!

If you try this design, let me know, and I'll maybe even post it on my blog, if you send me a picture!


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