Haul, Swatch, and new Profile Picture! :D

Hello, Readers! Today I went shopping at Dollar Tree! My fave store ever!!! And I got...
 ...Glass Accent Gems! These gems are to make nail polish rings!! I'm very excited to make nail polish jewelry. I got.....
 Multi-colored large gems. (For some reason, they didn't have any clear large ones. )
 And then the clear, regular sized gems for making rings.
That's my haul for today! I'll show you how my nail polish jewelry turns out in the next post!

Now for a swatch!

 I have here, Revlon-Lily. This polish is a lavender creme. It has a smooth consistency and is very, very pretty and pastel-like. I took 1-2 coats, I did 3 to cover up and bald spots. :)

(This picture is quite blurry, sorry..)


I have also changed my Blogger profile picture, ITS ME!!!! My nails are in color, but the rest of the picture, is black and white!
Hope you enjoyed this post! I'll be back with nail art on top of Revlon-Lily, so check back tomorrow!


  1. I totally love your profile pic sweetie!
    Ooohhh I think I have those kind of gems here somewhere in my room! Yay! (^__^)

  2. I'm excited to see how the rings turn out!

    And nice picture! I love being able to put a face to the blogger ^_^


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