KK Nails: What's your favorite color?

I got this comment today from one of my best nail-addict friends.... Pam (check out her blog here)
"wow.. nice! i bet purple's ur fave color.."

Yes! My fave color is PURPLE!
So today's post, is why I love purple!

Ever since I was seven years old, I decided my favorite color would be purple, forever... and I kept that promise since then. Why is purple so awesome??

1. "Purple is royalty. A mysterious color, purple is associated with both nobility and spirituality. The opposites of hot red and cool blue combine to create this intriguing color." (Quote located here.)

2.  Did you know that a purple room can boost a child's imagination or an artist's creativity. Too much purple, like blue, could result in moodiness. No wonder people always call me creative!! My room is filled with purple!

3. Purple was the favorite color of Cleopatra!

4. This isn't probably a reason why I love purple, but.... Wouldn't it be so cool if people had purple eyes?? I know there are contacts and I know that there are real people who have violet eyes, but I just thought it would be so cool. :)

5. Purple is the color of Barney, I use to love that show when I was little! LOL

These are just Five Reasons why purple is my favorite color. I would love to know your favorite color too! Post a comment with five reasons why you love your favorite color, or if you have a blog, post about five reasons why you love your favorite color.

I love purple so much, I even have a purple streak in my hair! I don't wanna dye my whole head purple though.. that would be a little scary. LOL

I look kinda evil in this picture.. :P
Thanks for reading! I'll be reading your comments! :D


  1. People actually are able to have purple eyes =] it's REALLY rare, but it's happened =]

  2. true violet-colored eyes only occur due to albinism.-wikipedia

    my favorite color is green because:
    - it is related to nature and growth.
    - it's very relaxing to my eyes.
    - i'm an environmentalist, i love nature.
    - it means MONEY and prosperity.
    - according to feng shui, it's my lucky color..

  3. I love Hot Pink!! It is my favorite color because:
    1. Its super girly and cute
    2. Its the color of my room
    3. My favorite color of nail polish (I must have 15 nail polishes that are just pink!)
    4. It totally represents my personality!
    and last but not least.... 5. It is the color of my blog which if you guys haven't seen is nails 2 luv (www.nails2luv.blogspot.com) please check it out and follow me :)

  4. my favorite color is purple as well! i actually have a purple streak almost identical to yours in my hair, hehehe. but the rest of my hair is red!!

  5. @rebecca
    Hi Rebecca! Haha, we're "purple streak sisters"! LOL I love your red hair in your picture, I always envy people with red hair! Its so fire_y like. xD


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