I made glow in the dark nail polish!

Hello, everyone!! I know I haven't been posting alot (and I also haven't been doing the 24 Days of Christmas Challenge), and thats because I got sick. I have really bad headaches, coughs, and runny nose. But I'm still here, doing my nails and making nail polish!

A couple days ago, I made a glow in the dark nail polish! Glow in the dark polish has been a polish that I've ben wanting for forever, and I couldn't wait any longer, so I made my own!
I made it in a little Wet N Wild glitter polish bottle, and then added the glow in myself.
 Here's a picture of it on my thumb.

What I use to make it glow, is Splat Glow Temporary Hair Color (Violet Rays). Its suppose to be put in hair to make it purple and glow but the purple didn't show up in my hair, but glow sure did. I had this for about a year, and it was just sitting in my drawer; so I thought about putting it in polish! The package says it can cause allergies to some people, but it didn't to me; so I thought it was safe enough to put in polish. And that's the story on how I made my first glow in the dark polish!
Thanks for reading!! :D


  1. Very interesting!! Thanks for sharing!! <3

  2. wow! great idea :)

  3. This is an awesome idea!! This nail polish looks amazing:D Really great job!!

  4. Ooo Interesting! I hope you're feeling better soon!

  5. omg, you did fantastic job, love your franken :-D


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