KK Nails: A Ruffian Mani!

Hello Girls! I didn't want to any complex mani today, so I tried out a Ruffian Manicure!
 Today's mani is a Ruffian Manicure. Its a very classic-like manicure, kindof like the half-moon manicure, but this one is a skinnier moon and its upside down. It looks like the polish is peeling off of your nails. :D
 I first started with two coats of Revlon- Silver Screen, then I took my first franken "Purple Kitty" and made a curve design, then I matted the purple with Hard Candy- Matte-ly in Love.
I do admit that you have to have quite a steady hand to do this design, but the trick is to practice, practice!

P.S. Here's the tutorial I followed, to do this design. :)


  1. wow! pretty :)
    It makes your nails look longer, dont you think?
    This could be good for me :)

  2. I agree with ptitemeve it does make your nails look longer, very cool.

  3. wow this is nice Kirshten hehe. I think girls can use a french tip guide to achieve this mani without being messy.

  4. so cute!!! :) i love purple too :)


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