Soon to be Rings!

Here are the gems my sister and I have decorated so far.
 I have four large ones for magnets and cocktail rings.

 This rainbow one is my favorite, can you see the sparkle?!?
 And this is my second favorite, this one is a glitter bomb!
 And here are two crackles, one green one and one rainbow one.
 Now here are the smaller ones for rings.

These are the crackles and shatters. (There is a difference between crackle and shatter.)
 And I also made some nail art ones.
When I get some rings, I will show them to you when they're all done!


  1. I have a pile of my own but haven't received my ring bases yet =/.
    Love the peace sign one did you paint it on top of the stone? What did you use if I might ask

  2. @myline Thank You! :D
    @Bubbly Fairy I don't have my ring bases yet either. And I did paint the peace sign on top and then sealed it with topcoat. I used nail polish and nail art brushes for everything.


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