KK Nails: Sally Hansen Nail Prisms- Diamond Swatch

Today, I have a swatch of the second holo I ever tried! Sally Hansen Nail Prisms, Diamond!

I'm sorry, for the pictures. My camera, did not want to cooperate with me today, I couldn't get a good picture of all the holo goodness!

This polish took 3-4 coats, to be opaque, and it was very easy to apply. It wasn't rough at all! This polish shows the holo, even after a topcoat, is put on!

This is the best picture, I could take, that would show the holo,

Here's what it looks like, NOT under the sun. 

And here's the matching ring I made! It also shows holo in it!

There are only 3 more Sally Hansen Nail Prisms I need to swatch. Stay tuned!


  1. Pretty! What kind of camera do you use?

  2. i love it ihope ican find some nail polish like that <wooww i had ever see some nail polish like that so unique


  3. Amazing nail polish. I like how it show rainbow dots. You take good pictures.

  4. Gah! I love this polish. How did you find these? I can't find them anywhere! Are they still for sale somewhere hidden on the internet?

  5. @ Frugallyme I use an Afgaphoto camera. I don't know the exact name of it though, it was a present :)
    @ bassoma, moochild, and Anonymous Thanks!
    @ Kaki I found these Sally Hansen Nail Prisms at Ross, they came in a five-pack for $5.99. :)

  6. What an awesome find... I love holos. I've browsed through your blog before and can't believe I didn't follow you sooner! Your nail art is amazing.
    PS: Please check out my blog & enter my giveaway if you'd like. =D


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