KK Nails: Sally Hansen Nail Prisms- Mandarin Garnet Swatch

Today, I will show you a swatch of my FIRST holo polish, Mandarin Garnet!

Mandarin Garnet is a glitter holo, it isn't a very intense holo, but I still love it! Its a coral/pink shade and this is 3-4 coats. :) And it applied smoothly, so I don't have any problems with this polish!
Close-up!! Oooooooo....
 I even made a matching nail polish ring! It was hard to take pictures of though, because my shadow kept getting in the way.

Here's another shot, 

One more close up! hehehe..

I hope these pictures sufficed your holo hunger!! LOL :P
Stay tuned for my next holo polish!


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