I'm sorry...

  Hello again! Sorry, I have been MIA for a couple of days. I've just been really busy. But don't worry I'm back with some more posts!   
 Today, I used Revlon- Not so Blueberry as my base color, (because blue is the color of sadness, because I haven't posted in a while :C ) And then freehanded some simple flowers. Sorry, today's post is boring but I promise tomorrow's post will be more exciting!
 Hey, Cool Background...
 Oh, wait its my rabbit's fur!! Hehe.. I hope its ok that I used my rabbit as my backdrop! :D
Thanks for going through my post. Tomorrow, I'll come back with a more exciting post, see you then! :D


  1. Sometimes simple is just right! I like this, Your bunny is a cutie! :3

  2. oohhh the flowers & and your rabbid are so cute =)!!!! did you use a art pen to create the flowers?


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