Bootie Babe, Bootie Babe, BOOTIE BABE!!

Hello, Girls (and Guys)! Today I have a very exciting post today. I'm reviewing Bootie Babe polishes! Also check out my friend, Trace from The Trace Face Philes, review on Bootie Babe polishes here.

Before I show you the polishes, I wanna share a little of Mark's story.

"SuperBooty President and CEO Mark O’Hara wanted to create a humorous, bold
and truely unique beauty product that would literally “stand out” from the competition.

O'Hara's creative and business interests go beyond nail polish.
He states "My goal is to develop the Bootie Babe brand and manufacture a variety
of products including cosmetics, apparel, accessories, gifts and jewelry.

What a story! I was so excited in getting these polishes, when i opened the mail, I said, "OMG! My Butt-shaped Polishes came! Look, aren't they so cute!"

 Bootie Babe sent me the colors Mean Tangerine, Slinky Pinky, and Lilac Lunatic. The bottles are quite small and hold .31 fl.oz. They're small enought to fit all in my hand. :) But on April 2012 the bottles will change to .5 fl.oz.

The first polish I tried out is Lilac Lunatic. ( Maybe Lilac Lunatic is a similar dupe to Revlon- Lilly.)  ;) 
Its a pastel creme polish with a shiny finish, this took 2-3 coats to achieve no bald spots. Its the most opaque one I tried.


 Next is Mean Tangerine, this color is my favorite. Its a neon polish, and as you may know already most neon polishes are sheer, therefore they need to be layered over white. I layered Mean Tangerine over Sinful Colors- Snow Me White. This took 2 coats (over the white polish) to be opaque.
Can you see the twinkle of the butt in this picture? ;D

Next is Slinky Pinky, a light pink pastel creme, that covered in 2 coats. I got a wonky brush on this bottle, so I'm sorry for bad application. I'm pretty sure the brush was just a manufacturing problem. :)
But anyway, this pink can be used as a base in making French tip nail art. 


Overall, I give these polishes 4.9 Stars! I hope to see more kinds of polishes from this brand, like glitters, holo and matte polishes. 

And guess what! Bootie Babe polishes are on sale now for only $4! This offer lasts through 12/31/11. Click here to go to their website.

Also like their facebook page here.


  1. Very nice!!! Thank you for the mention! <3

  2. ohhhh! love it! may have to go snag some

  3. Oh,I forgot to tell you that you have an Versatile Blogger award to claim here

  4. Great review!!! And they're planning on jewelry?! I don't think I want a butt-shaped butt is big enough on its own. LOL

  5. @TraceFace NP, Thanks for stopping by! :D
    @ Thalie Thanks for the award, I will post up my facts soon.
    @Jeanne You should get some, they're only 4 Buckaroos! :D LOL
    @PolishAddicted Yup, jewelry. LOL My butt is too small! I neeeeed this jewelry! LOL

  6. Maybe it's just me but, I'm a little disturbed by the camel toe on the other side of the bottles! Lol. I can't seem to get past that, but these colors are nice!

  7. @ Leslie What camel toe? LOl
    Im glad you like the colors! :D

  8. Nice colors! Does anyone else think these tops look a little hard to unscrew? Are they easy to open?

  9. @Sarah The tops aren't very hard to unscrew, I do think they're a little too short but they are quite easy to open :)


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