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A few days back I got an e-mail from Bari Cosmetics and they sent me polishes and lip gloss.

Here's what I received:

The first polish is Pure Ice, Lilac Mist. This polish is a shimmery pink polish with little flakes. It is pretty sheer, so on my ring finger I layered it over a white polish, so you could see the difference. I'm not sure why its called "Lilac" Mist because Lilac is purple and as you can tell this polish is a pink. But this polish took three coats, on my index, middle, and pinky finger.


Next, I layered Bon Bons glitter polishes on top of Pure Ice Lilac Mist. I couldn't find the names of these polishes, so I will just call them Purple Confetti and Circle Glitters. These polishes were really pretty, I just wish Bon Bons nail polish bottles were larger. Purple Confetti has skinny, purple and blue rectangle glitters in a slightly purple base. Purple Confetti is on my index and ring finger. And Circle Glitters is holo circle glitters in a blue-tinted base but the blue doesn't show up on the nail. Both polishes are three coats.


Next is, Pure Ice Free Fall. Free Fall is a gorgeous metallic hot pink. And this is only two coats.

And then on top of Free Fall, I layered Pure Ice Oh Baby! Oh Baby! is a clear base with tiny, tiny iridescent glitters. This polish is great for layering on top of an old manicure, to give it some shine! I have never seen a polish like this before, This was 2 coats!

The last polish I received is Pure Ice Crackle Flash. I layered this crackle over Pure Ice Freee Fall. This is my first white crackle, and I have to say this polish crackles so fast! The second you put it on your nail, it starts cracking. I just love the crackling effect of this polish, its bigger cracks and more spaced out. This is my favorite crackle polish now.

And now here's Bon Bons flavored lip gloss.
These are my lips without any lip gloss.

 And here are my lips with the lip gloss, it make your lips look fuller, and gives it a nice shine! And it tastes really good too! LOL

These were my first ever Pure Ice and Bon Bons products, and they're really great products. I will be buying from them again! :D

Check out all the beauty products, Bari Cosmetics sells here.
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*These items were sent to me for review for my honest opinions*


  1. Those are all very nice looking, I LOVE Pure Ice polish, it's one of my favorites.

  2. wow. giveaway *__* eos lipbalms. perfection. i want them so much!

    Sigma giveaway♥mfashionfreak

  3. Bon Bons glitter over Pure Ice Lilac Mist is a lovely combo!

  4. i love so much the hot pink pure ice "ah baby"



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