Tutorial Tuesday! "Easy Nail Art for Beginners"

 Yay!! It's Tutorial Tuesdays! I know I've been not doing them for a while, but I'm doing tutorials now! Yay!
 Today I'll be showing you how to do this nail art design. I wanted to pick something that's an easy design for all nail art beginners. SO I hope this tutorial helps and I'll hope you take a try at it. :D

Start by painting your nails black or any color your prefer, it can be white, yellow, or even blue.

Then take out a striper brush polish, I'm using Art Deco "Intense Pink"  

And stripe a  line that goes from small to big when it reaches the end.

Then use a sponge, I'm using a regular dishwahing sponge.

And sponge on any color you'd like on the corner of the nail.
Wen you're done with all nails it should look like this! You can alternate colors on each nail or stay with the same colors on all nails.
Thanks for reading my tutorial! Have a great day!


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