Hello Kitty Stamping Plate!

 Today, I got my new Hello Kitty stamping plate form Born Pretty!! I was so excited and I tried it right away! I stamped the hello kitty image, dolphins, and squiggly flower image. :) I stamped Hello Kitty on both a black and white base just to show how it looks.
Here's what the plate looks like.

 I got this plate for free from Born Pretty, they give 10 plates to the first ten people everyday! I don't have the link right now but I guess you can just look it up. I don't know if this giveaway is over though. I'm gonna have to check.
P.S. This plate does have this plastic covering that you can barely see! I was so bummed when I tried it the first time, until I noticed there was a thin plastic covering. lol

P.S.S. One of my fave nail blogs, Gold Speck Nails is having an awesome giveaway for reaching 50 followers!! The prizes are nail polish and nail files, and gold and silver bullions. GO join the giveaway now! She does some awesome nail art!


  1. I love the little squiggly one!

  2. Ooo looks like a really cute plate! I'll have to see if I can get my hands on one ^_^

  3. @Nail Nerd I love it too!
    @Jennius This plate is suuper cute! You should definitely get one! :D

  4. Love the black on white stamping!

  5. @pamgotcrazy I love Hello Kitty!
    @imfeelinail-venturous Thanks


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