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Today I received a request from one of my awesome followers, Lyciènne. (Check out her blog here.) She asked if i could do a post about the tools I use, she's is from another country and doesn't know much English, but I assumed she asked to do a post about my tools. I wish I could translate my posts for all my international followers, but sadly I can't. :(
 First, I will start with my Nail art tools.

 The tool I use the most for my art is nail art brushes. I got these off of Ebay for 94 cents.(Bargain!!) But since I used nail polish remover to clean them some of the brushes fell off. Tip: Don't soak your brushes in acetone nail polish remover to clean them. Use non-acetone nail polish remover so the glue from the brush won't fall out.
These brushes are used to draw or paint detailed designs.
Close-up of my brushes.

 The next tool I use for my nail art are my dotting tools. (I also got these from Ebay.) These tools are used to make precise dots for nail art. They come in many different sizes, but the dotting tool I use the most is the white and yellow one. Because they usually have the size dot I need.
 Close-up of the dotting tools.

 I also use striper nail polish. These nail polishes have a small thin brush inside to make stripes or other types of nail art.

 Another tool I use for my nail art is Stamping Plates.To use these you must have a Scraper and stamper (left). I only have 4 stamping plates but I hope I can get more soon. I don't usually use this method of nail art but I do sometimes when I'm too lazy to do freehand art. ;)
 Nail art pens are also a good tool to use. They're easier to use than all the other tools because its just like using a marker to draw on your nails! I only have one nail art pen, its from the brand Sally Hansen. I used this pen in this post.
 Now I will be talking about the basic tools you'll need for nail polish/art.
 A very important tool you'll need is a basecoat and topcoat. Basecoats are to put under you layer of nail polish to protect against nail polish staining.Topcoats are used to cover you nail polish/art after you're done painting. Put a topcoat to make your nails last longer and to give it an extra shine. I use an L.A. Colors Basecoat/Topcoat, it does the basecoat and topcoat job all in bottle.
 To remove your nail polish, use nail polish remover and a cotton ball. You can also use cotton pads or nail polish remover pads.
Nail polish remover is very drying, especially if it has acetone in it. So to replenish your nails use lotion or cuticle cream to moisturize your nails. You should do this everyday to keep your nails healthy.

Thank you for reading my post. I hope this post helped you. :)

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  1. That is a great brush set, I really need to get some new brushes for myself. I only have one thin brush that I use all the time, it's a sad little brush lol.

  2. Nice tools! And amen with the moisturizing, my skin is freaking out with this change to fall and everything being dry anyway.

  3. Very helpful! i have been looking for tools for forever it seems I didnt even think to check ebay (blonde moment) lol thanks!

  4. @Amber Thanks, I'm probably gonna get a new one soon too!

    @Nail Nerd Thanks!! My skin is doing the same thing too!! I moisturize evry 10 minutes. :P

    @Kitty Thank you. Ebay is best for looking for nail art tools for cheap. :D

  5. Nice tools! Hehe.. I like this post.

  6. Enjoyed reading this. Does your base coat have a really strong smell? I'm thinking that maybe i got a bad bottle!

  7. OH wow how nice you are!
    I would have never guessed that you actually do this post for me! (I'm getting a little bit red right now, haha)
    But don't you worry, I understand what you write, I'm just really insecure about writing texts on my own (;

    Kisses and again: Thank you!


    ....oh: these brushes look pretty good, I'm thinking about buying my own brushes now. (:

  8. @pamgotcrazy Thanks! :D

    @Courtney Mine doesn't smell at all. You might have gotten a bad one, because mine doesn't really smell.

    @Lyciènne I love to do posts that my readers want! Thats great that you understood what I wrote, I was worried you wouldn't understand it. ;) But you don't have to be insecure about you writing. :) That would be great if you got your own brushes!


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