Hey, Can I ask you a question?

SO I was looking for my blog on Google and I noticed that my blog didn't show up until I clicked a few pages. And it didnt show up because there are other nails salons name "KK Nails" And I don't wanna seem like I'm stealing another salon's name.  SO I was wondering if it's ok to change my name to something that no one has taken yet. Maybe a name like "KK Nail Art" or something else like that. If you have any names for this blog, please comment below. I just wanna get your opinions about this before I do it. Thanks!!

P.S. I just noticed that I now have 93 followers!! This is soooo exciting!! I'm verily grateful! Only 7 more and I can start my first giveaway!

P.S.S Here's a picture of my rabbit eating grass :)


  1. I think having "nail art" in your blog name is good idea;D Your rabbit is so adorable!!


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