Halloween Designs!

 Sorry for my absence, but I'm back with more designs!! Today I tried to think of a simple Halloween design. I used  dark purple and grey colors for this simple zig zag design.
 If your Halloween costume this year has these colors, this would be a great design to do!! And its really simple too! All I used was a purple sharpie marker! These come in different colors, and they're great for nail art, just seal a topcoat over it.

Thanks for lookins! I hope you like this design! :)


  1. Such an adorable design. How long did you have to wait to apply your topcoat?

  2. That's so smart to use the pen to draw designs!! Are you going to dress for Halloween??

  3. @Courtney Thank you! I actually didn't put topcoat because I ran out of my non-smearing topcoat. But I left it without topcoat and it stayed for 5 days :)
    @Minnie Thank you! I'm probably not dressing.. lol :P If I do I haven't decided yet!
    @Jennius Thank you!!

  4. seriously? you used a Sharpie?! :O I never knew that worked! : O Thank you sooo much! :D

  5. i love the zigzags hehehehe.. the colors look good together too. :)

  6. Ohh, this looks great!


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