Matted and Added Hearts

 After the black paint splatter, I added red hearts and covered it with matte topcoat, I smeared the red hearts on purpose because I thought it would look interesting. :)

Thanks for reading!


  1. Yeah.. I's kinda interesting coz it looks like you dip it on a red and black paint. :-)

  2. Fun effect, way to play with it!

  3. @pamgotcrazy Thanks, it does look like I dipped it on a red and black paint :)
    @Nail Nerd Thank you!! :DD

  4. It DOES look interesting~xD You're such an artist!! I love all your unique ideas!!!

  5. cool!

    please follow my blog and enter my giveaway!

  6. @Minnie hehehe.. Thank You!! :DDD triple happy face lol
    @Lucy Thanks!! I just entered your giveaway! :D


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