Cheetah and Zebra Print, Two Mani's in One!

 First, I started by doing my nails with a cheetah print design that was inspired by this shirt I found. Can you believe this was my first cheetah design ever?!?!

 Then, I removed the cheetah print on half of the nail, and added zebra print.

Thanks, for reading!! Happy Halloween!! :D

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  1. Hi, thank you for becoming one of my followers! I hope I have as many people as you one day! ;)

    I add your blog in my list of favorites. Keep up the good work! Hugs!

  2. wow you did a great job! my sister would love those! Now if only I was a better artist!

  3. Great combo, I'm impressed you were able to remove part of it so cleanly!

  4. Love both looks! IMO, you can never go wrong with Cheetah/Zebra :-)


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