LegoLand Nail Art

Yesterday, I went to the newest LegoLand in Florida. It just opened October 15th. And since this was my first time going, I did a special nail art for this occasion.
My Inspiration.

On my pinky, there is a little Lego man. xD

I didn't take a lot of pictures of LegoLand, but I promise I will show you more next time I go there. (I've got an annual pass! :D )
This guy is made entirely out of Lego!

This is also made out of Lego

And this whole zoo of animals are made out of Lego! Everything looks so realistic!


  1. Don't Forget to join my 100 Follower Giveaway!!
    XD Hehe...

  2. lolz! i love it! its nice to do a nail art inspired by the things, places or events that you like.

  3. I need to take my boys!
    Oh, I LOVE your mani on your blog header!


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