Heart Patchwork, Inspired by IndigoNova 1

 I've been running out of inspiration for nail art lately. And a great place to find nail art tutorials is Youtube!! I found this tutorial by Indigonova1. If you wanna see the tutorial, just click here. :)

KK Nails
Thanks for reading!! Bye!!


  1. adorable! I may have to try this =]!

  2. What a pretty design!! The stitches look very neat and cute;D

  3. We found a free, very well done. Congratulations.
    I am Brazilian, I love your blog, I am following.
    I also have a blog related to Nail, if you give a glimpse of.
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    Kisses, Luu Nolasco. :)

  4. Thanks everyone!!

    @Lulu Nolasco I'd love to partner with your blog, that so great that you are from another country. I love international followers!


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