Alien Nails!

 Ok, I know this design isn't one of my best but I think its one of the cutest. The two middle fingers are his eyes and the pointer and the pinky are his hands!
 I used Chalkboard Nails' tutorial for the eyeballs. But hers are way better! I don't know how she put eyeballs all over her nails! Its way too hard for me, so that why I did only two eyeballs. :)

Hehe.. I think this design is cute for Halloween, if you're dressing up as an alien. Thanks for reading!!


  1. I LOOOOOVE this mani! It is so adorable, you did a great job!

  2. @Sarah Thank You!! You're so nice!! And thank you for your tutorial! :D

  3. Ohmigosh so cute!!! I want to go build a sand castle with him, your alien looks like a total goodtime buddy :)

  4. TOOOOOO freaking cute!

  5. These are so cute! I think you did great!


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