Black Paint Splatter!! (And better photography!)

 Paint Splatter!! I've been seing nai bloggers do paint splatter manis lately and I wanted to join in too! And this method did not take a straw or freehanding, all you need is...........................................................................
(Picture not Mine)
Pipe cleaners!! or Fuzzy Sticks! They look like this....
All you need to do is dab some polish on the pipe cleaner and press it onto the nail. I might have to do a tutorial to show you guys. :)

 And have you noticed my photography?? It has gotten a lot better hasn't it?? That's because I followed Sarah's (from Chalkboard Nails) nail photography basics. My pics look a lot like her's now lol :P

I would show you more pictures but Blogger keeps on turning my pictures sideways!! Why does this keep on happening to me??? Does anyone know how to fix it??


  1. so is this better than the green rough sponge method? (cute nails BTW!)

  2. @Elizedge Ummmm..... I think they're both the same and have both the same paint splatter effects. It's really up to the person, which one they like better. I like the green rough sponge method a tiny bit more than the pipe cleaner method becuz I think sponges are easier to handle then the skinny pipe cleaner. :) Hope this answers your question.

  3. no way! Thas from a pipe cleaner? i am definitly going to try this out - - it looks awesome!

  4. Yes! Your photos look a lot better than before!! I love this nail art too~;D

  5. @ Deez Nailzz Yup, its from a pipe cleaner! I'd love to see your try. :D

    @Minnie Thank you! I luv my photos now! Thanks!


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