Don't give up!

Remember Revlon- Bubblegum??
 Today, I did an arrow tape manicure on top of this polish. I got inspired to do this design form NailSide. She does a lot of tape manicures, so go check her out! Here's a little picture tutorial to show you how to do it.
 First, take some tape, (You probably won't need scissors for this design) and line them up to show only a silhouette of an arrow.
 Then paint your nails, the color you want the arrow to be. Then take of the tape. ( I didn't get a picture of this step, sorry.. )

But then something happened, I was doing this nail art outside, and there was a mosquito flying by. (Mosquitos love to suck my blood.) I got a little irritated of it, so I SPLATTED it with my hands. And I felt really good about it because that mosquito's buzzing was finally gone! But then I remembered that I was doing a manicure. Then I looked at my hands......
 Just as I was finished with my manicure, this happened!! That mosquito ruined my manicure!! 
Tip: Don't catch and splat a mosquito while doing nail art.
But, of course, a mosquito could not ruin all my hard work! So I tried to fix it all up, even though it was all bumpy and ridgy afterwards. Then I covered it with a topcoat to cover all of the bumpiness.
(Sorry, about the lighting. By the time I got done fixing it there was no more sunlight to take pictures with. That mosquito ruined my schedule!!)
 Its not perfect but I did my best to fix it. 
Moral of this Story: Don't give up on your nail art! And do your nail art inside!!
Thanks for reading my story! I feel like Aesop now.. hehe..

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  1. Hehehehe your story is funny. specially the moral of the story hahahaha. i already joined your contest. :)

  2. @pamgotcrazy Hehe.. THanks! Thanks for joining my giveaway! :D

  3. Dang mosquito! It still came out cute.

  4. Lol @ your story. Turned out great. I like that you did them in different directions.


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