Day 26 "Inspired by a Pattern"

Today I have a pattern that I found on one of my happy meals! Its a little coin purse with a lace pattern and a Cinnamoroll bunny on it.

Then I drew the Cinnamoroll Bunny on threee of my fingers, because all of the ears wouldnt fit on just one finger.

Hehe.. I think this is one of the most cutest designs I've done. Thanks for reading!


  1. this is so stinkin' cute! love love love!

  2. Hehehehehe... That is sooo adorable. I like the way you painted the little bunny. :)

  3. Awww~!! This is soooo cuuuute~!! I LOVE cinnamon roll bunny sooo much;D I love this colour combination too~<3

  4. That is so stinkin' cute, I love it!

  5. I agree, this mani screams CUTE. So adorable!

  6. @pamgotcrazy, Minnie, Amber and Courtney
    Thanks! I didnt think this one would get that much comments. :D


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