Day 20 Water Marbled!

Today on the 31 Day Challenge, the theme is water marble! And I was scared to do a water marble because the first time I tried it was a nightmare! SO I did a NO water, water marble. I followed a tutorial from professionaldq, she does nail art on youtube and she has some really looong nails to do her nail art on! But instead of water marbling I freehanded the marbling part over a rainbow gradient. :)

To me it doesn't look like a real water marble because the lines are very thick but oh well.... I tried. lol :P

Thanks for reading and looking!! Here's one more picture! hehe...


  1. aweeeee this is cheating :-P but still looks cool!

  2. This came out great! I really like your choice of colors :)

  3. @ Polish Amor Yeah, Im cheating lol. I just dont want to go throught another nightmare of water marbling lol :P

    @Liz Thank you!! It means alot! :DD

  4. They look fabulous! They do look like water marble too;D

  5. how did you do this so perfectly? i'm sooo jealous right now. omg!

  6. @ Minnie Thank you! I thought they didnt look like water marble lol. Cant wait to see more posts from your blog :)

    @pamgotcrazy I just used my nail art brush lol, but I did make mistakes though, thats why the water marble lines are so thick, it covers up my mistakes. hehe..

    @imfeelingnailventurous Thanks! :D This comment put a big smile on my face. lol

    @lucyclark;D Thank You! Im pretty sure you can do it too, it just takes some practice. ;)


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