Day 21 "Inspired by a Color" Lots of Pics!

I was stuck on what to do for this theme. I didnt know what to do!! So I just did some random nail art. i saw a tutorial on how to do this from IHaveACupcake's Katy Perry Nail Tutorial!
All I did was sponge at the corners of each nail and added a striped with my nail art striper!

I hope this design will do for today!! Thanks for reading!


  1. great mani, I am a little confused by todays "inspired by a color" theme.. I'm thinking about doing this challenge ..Maybe!

  2. @Polish Amor I knew someone would be confused too!! lol I would love too see your try at the "inspired by color" theme!

  3. Cute mani! I'm really loving the look of bright colors with black!

  4. @Liz Thanks Liz! I love the bright colors too but I had to layer some white under some colors because the color wouldnt show.

  5. Love it, that's such a great idea!

  6. @Nail Nerd, Amber, Shadow, and Sandra
    Thank you! You girls are so sweet! :D


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