Revlon- Minted Swatch

 Today I have a swatch of the minty Minted! Its a light green polish and it took only two coats! Thats good enough for me! :P I really like this polish its one of my favorite mint greens, its the lightest mint shade I have.

 Thanks for reading and looking! Watch Out for my next post, this polish is gonna have some nail art on it. ;)


  1. <3 Minted, did you not have problems with the application though? I found it dead streaky!

    Nice swatch :]

  2. Really good coverage for two coats & I totally love the color, it's so nice!

  3. @Jennius I did not have much trouble, it was a little streaky but not that much, :)
    @Sandra I love the color too!!

  4. I love mint polishes! This one looks great on your nails!


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