Tutorial: How I Clean Up My Nails

Hello, everyone! A few days ago someone asked me how I paint my nails so neatly; the truth is I don't paint my nails very well, I still get some polish on my skin and over my cuticles, but I do use a clean-up method, that I will teach you in this tutorial!
Today's tutorial will show you how to get your nails from this......
 to this!
 All you'll need is some nail polish remover and a flat brush or doe foot brush.

You can pick any type of brush, you like. I know that most nail artists use the flat brush for their clean up, but I prefer using the doe foot brush because it has more bristles, which holds more nail polish remover. But the brush you use is based on your preference.
 First, dip your brush in some nail polish remover. After its all soaked, swipe the brush on the polish you want to get rid of. Do this on the sides of your nails and around the cuticle. 

 And that's it! Very easy and very quick! Now you can have neat and clean nails.

*Polish used in this tutorial is SinfulColors- Midnight Blue*


  1. I have tried cleaning up with a flat brush, but didn't have much luck. I generally use a Q-tip, but will definitely try this out with a doe foot brush.

  2. You have such nice long nails.

  3. I have to try this.
    usually I use a q-tip...but the results arent what I wish

  4. I'll definitely try this out tomorrow, I use to use a Q-tip, but sometimes they don't work as well as I want them to.
    Is this fluffly brush a usual brush for eyes? Isn't the remover going to attack the bristles?

  5. I've tried the brush method but I think a softer, fuller brush like this one may be what I need. Thank you SO much because I am a messy painter! XD These kinds of posts are always helpful~

  6. @Lycienne The doe foot brush, is actually used to apply eyeshadow and other make up; but I like this brush better than the flat brush.
    I have had used acetone nail polish remover with this brush, and it hasn't affected my brush yet. BUT acetone does melt the glue inside the brush, and makes the hairs fall out. If that happens, switch to NON-acetone nail polish remover. Just to be on the safe side. ;)

    @ Jenna Froggy,PtiteMeve,Rochelle Im glad you found this tutorial helpful, and I hope it works for you, girls!

    @ Sandra I have been growing my nails lately. My nails grow suuuper fast, and i'm too lazy to file them down. :P

  7. WOW this is really nice! How do you clean your brushes afterwards?

  8. Good tutorial and pretty polish!

    I tagged you. :) I already did a post about it.

  9. This is pretty impressive clean up. I do it similarly with a slightly different brush, but I remember this color being a pain to clean up...

  10. I use this same method but with straight acetone. I use the flat brush!


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