My Nail Polish Collection

Hello Dear Reader! I finally got a better case to hold all of my nail polish~ It is almost 5 times bigger than the one I was using before. Here's what it looks like:
 I use to hold my nail polish in smaller drawers; The polishes couldn't even stand upright because the drawer case was too short! Here's the old container I used: they're all laying flat because there's no room for them to stand up.
 I first layered the drawers with a shelf liner so that the polishes won't slide when I open the drawers.
 On the first drawer, I lined all of my Revlon-Top Speed polishes.
 Then I put all of my other Revlons: (As you can see, I have a lot of Revlon....hehe..)
 Then I placed my Wet N Wild Shines.
 Then my Dr.'s Remedy polishes.
 Then I placed Wet N Wild Fast Drys, my Pure Ice, and my two Finger Paints Flakies.
 The last polishes I placed were my China Glaze-For Audrey, my Love & Beauty purple polish, and my three Bootie Babe polishes.
 Here's what the first drawer looks like now:
 Now here is my second old drawer, its a horrible mess!
 Now I started on my second (new) drawer. First I placed, my Calar polishes from Hong Kong, then my Sally Hansen black Crackle.
 Then, I placed all of my SinfulColors polishes.
 Then next to my SinfulColors, I placed my Sally Hansen Nail Prisms.
 Then I placed my Longer & Stronger polishes and my Milani glitter polishes:
 The I placed some randon brands from the Philippines, and my NYC, mini Wet N Wilds, Hard Candy and Bon Bons polishes.
Then I placed some of my frankens and other polishes. 
 Then I placed some more random polishes and some of my nail art stripers.
 Now here's what my second drawer looks like from the outside:
 And then on the third drawer, I put all of my nail art brushes, dotting tools, stickers, sponges, files, cotton balls, acetone, and other nail art stuff.
 And now here's what my polish collections looks like from the outside!
 After all of my polish organization, I ended up with 136 polishes! Sadly, I had to throw away 10 of my polishes. These 10 had to be kicked out of my polish collection because they are not able to be used anymore. :'(

Phew! That was alot! I'm hoping to do a list of all of my polishes, but I always put that off to the side. :P I hope you enjoyed my polish collection, Thanks for reading!


  1. Looks great :0) xxxJoolsxxx

  2. I love your collection and the fact that you are so organised :) xo

  3. I'm so jealous of your collection and your new storage! My nail polish box is over flowing, the lid wont even go on any more, I really need some drawers like this

  4. Wow! I'm so happy for you! Your collection looks great I'm glad you can store it better with that! Love the draw space!

  5. Love it all nice and organised now! Mine's so messy!

  6. OMG~!!! You have soooooo many nail polishes~xD The new shelves look great!

  7. Hello again!! I just passed an award onto you;D I hope you can find time to do it:p Hugsxxx

  8. This looks great! Can you tell me from where did you buy it?


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